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8 period schedule

The devil's in the details. A school which is undergoing a genuine, democratic discussion about how to improve itself can try all sorts of things to improve education at their site... and feel free to go back to the drawing boards when things don't work.


8 period schedule pros & cons

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8 period schedule - Nagging questions

An email to an SSR committee

Miami Education Review 1667 - Nuances of the 4X4 Block Schedule

Professor Brian Peterson
Department of History
Florida International University

Beware politicians selling 4x4 "for the children"

Otto Zequeira
Coral Gables Senior High
February 26, 2007

Minimize the impact of the 8 period schedule on teachers

Otto Zequeira
EESAC Teacher Alternate
Coral Gables Senior High
January 22, 2007

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MDCPS Secondary School Reform: frequently asked questions

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Key questions:

How much control is there at the school site over this schedule change?
How should the waiver be written?
Are an extra class, extra grades more work for the same pay?
Will the number of preps increase?
Will you have the same number of students as in 5 periods? Will there be smaller classes?
Will 8 periods prevent dropouts?
Will 8 periods impact teachers of so-called regular level students more than others? Will it multiply behavior problems for these teachers?
Are the promised supplements being delivered?
Are schools voting for or against the 8 period schedule?

Other questions

Is money only for personnel?
Is extra money coming to the schools?
Will Money sunset? What happens when the grant money runs out?
The grant requires 2 day schedule?
Can we trust MDCPS to mantain funding for supplements and the schedule if funding is now coming from general funds?

Concern over AP courses
Is this proposal dividing core and elective teachers?
Is the voting schedule being coordinated?
Is UTD colluding with MDCPS to push the 8 period schedule?
Is the purpose behind 8 periods to make an end around the class size amendment and make room for more FCAT classes?
Will 4x4 increase GPA?